Joanna Beard

Filmmaker & Photographer

Since graduating in Film Studies at University College Falmouth, Joanna has chosen to pursue an independent filmmaking career whilst maintaining a love and skilled eye in photography.


Joanna has seen significant short film credits hit the silver screen at London BFI Film Festival, Encounters International Short Film Festival and Cornwall Film Festival. Her filmmaking collaborative known as the Bearded Gnomes won the 0117 Film Challenge in 2012 and subsequently joined the London 2012 Hansel of Film relay.


Passionate about storytelling and film, Joanna aspires to produce and direct drama both for the big screen and TV.


Meanwhile, Joanna has had a long relationship with photography, believing in its importance in capturing and documenting lives. Through mentorship and perseverance, she has developed a fine portfolio and good reputation for her portrait photography with experience in both weddings and theatre.  


Her other interests include acting, writing and aviation.


Joanna's favourite films include: Jean Pierre Jeunet's Amelie, Richard Linklater's Before Sunrise and Before Sunset and David Lean's Brief Encounter.



Joey Beard